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My take on different topics even though it's pretty much tech.

Replacing heavily worn SSDs

ssd replacement hero
During the second half of past december we decided to move to a new server on Hetzner for our new production server, moving away from our old friend Plesk. After setting it up and running for a while, we’ve noticed that MySQL operations were taking a huge amount of time. After some time trying to [...]

PowerDNS master-slave cluster

This guide’s purpose is to help22 you set up a replicated PowerDNS cluster using AXFR notifications between servers instead of full DB replication, which can be tricky to set up some times. Prerequisites This guide assumes we have the following 3 servers running on CentOS 7: Hostname IP Type Operation Mode Master supermaster [...]

Hunting down the best home server

Some time ago I’ve went out and searched for months for an HP Microserver Gen8 to replace my day-to-day HDDs which have been failing one too many times already. As they’re discontinued for some years now, people selle them for a lot money but after a long search and plenty Google Alerts I’ve found a [...]