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Open Mentorship

#OpenMentorship is a simple concept: I’m donating my time and knowledge to anyone who could use it. If you’re currently in, or looking to get into, the design, development or startup space I’ll do my best to offer guidance, advice or feedback.

What you get

Our conversation can be about anything, topics are up to you. Ask for career advice, feedback on an idea, or design and development related questions. It’s your time to do as you wish, no strings attached, no fees.

I won’t sign any NDA since that would take more time to get through than just talking about what you actually need. I don’t have enough time to copy, develop and launch your idea so don’t worry about these lil things.


A one-hour session is available every weekday evening (19:00 – 21:00 CET) and can be booked 4 weeks in advance. The chat bot will help you requesting the session when better fits you.

Let's chat