Anatoli Nicolae

Anatoli Nicolae


Uhh… I’m still Anatoli Nicolae, a software engineer at Fiscozen and founder of thundersquared—currently working on websites, apps, bots and other products to improve everyday life.

As a designer I study every single pixel of the product to make it easy to use yet nice to see. As a developer, I keep following latest tech to provide better and more efficient services.

Knowledge in two different yet connected fields allows me to better understand requirements and technical limitations and still maintain a high level of creativity in projects, balancing functional interfaces and performance.

But let’s stop selling myself, and read some more fun facts about me instead.

Anatoli's handwritten initials

The Jack of all trades you've been looking for

One Man Show


A passionate and licensed drone pilot and a huge camera nerd, taking pictures and shooting videos. In absolute love with scene lighting and catchlights.


The go-to meme-designer and pixel-perfect curator that can actually make your logo pop and make it even bigger—I'm the guy.


Some sort of an audiophile, musician, producer and mixing engineer that makes incredibly short songs—then gets bored.


Simple solution finder™ (or Software Engineer), developer by day and hacker by night, with a generous sprinkle of love for process automation.


Investigator and knowledgeable part-picker, meticulous custom tower PC builder
and proud homelab server owner.


Electric vehicle fanboy and owner, with a grain of strong positions in green transition debates,
car-vlogger wannabe with no content.

Shot by Martina Tamburello

Environmental Ideology


Pro-photovoltaic panel and kinda agains solar panel that just provide warm water.
Creating electricity with your panels allows you to still get warm water and much more—go for PV.


Nuclear energy fanboy as there has to be some other way to make energy besides burning coal.
Oppenheimer's a movie and the story has aged quite a bit for us to better understand what's up.


Strongly against ICE as much as possible for their poor efficiency and pollution.
Unfortunately the gasses are invisible, but I'd dare you to breathe it if they weren't color-less.

Photoshopped this myself

Obnoxious Bragging Area

Pure Gem

“Must-have friend”—award nominated, with most reviewers feeling “lucky and blessed to know him”.

Best Problem-Solver

Multidisciplinary problem-solver, always accepting new challenges and constantly contributing to everything for a better world.

Softest heart

Won't probably seem like so, but surely is deep somewhere. You just gotta really look for it to enjoy it.

Oh man, this guy.

The fella seems really interesting.

I’d even like to grab a coffee or a beer with this dude.