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New Oracle Cloud instance: failed loading plugin osmsplugin — no module named librepo?

It’s the nth time that I deploy a CentOS instance on Oracle Cloud just to see osmsplugin nagging about missing librepo module. It’s not a huge deal for sure, but it just annoys the hell of you at every dnf run since it doesn’t actually provide a hint about how to fix the error.

[root@av1 ~]# dnf clean all
Failed loading plugin "osmsplugin": No module named 'librepo'
93 files removed

The fix for this error is pretty simple. All you have to do is simply install the librepo Python module:

dnf install python3-librepo -y

After a successful install, the nag should simply disappear:

[root@av1 ~]# dnf clean all
93 files removed

Photo by Luke Zhang on Unsplash